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Stem Day with our Leaders

Learn with the Leaders

Cooper M - How to make lemonade pancakes

Anaisha M - How to make a paper rose

Yash S - The main components of a computer 

Stephanie K - The difference between 2D and 3D shapes

Amira K - How to make Mac and Cheese

Lisa H - How to make a strawberry smoothie

Jack W - How to Make Oobleck

Emily Z - How to dance to Cotton Eye Joe

Wellbeing Wednesday - 25 August 21 - Week 7

We hope you have enjoyed listening to the stories read by some of our teachers this week. These will be available to listen to again until Sunday evening.

We have also made a video of our wonderful students celebrating Wellbeing Wednesday. We hope you enjoy it. 

The McHarg family story for Book Week

The Jasper Road P&C Father’s Day Online Stall with Mr Warner

Click here to visit the online stall

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the P&C by emailing 

Introduction video from Keaton Meads and Tahleisha Pugh

Wellbeing Wednesday - 11 August 21 - Week 5

Last week we received an overwhelmingly positive response to our Wellbeing Wednesday initiative. 

Thank you to the large number of students that sent in photos and/or videos of what they did on the day. We have shared many of these in the video below.